Know Before You Go

The best way to ensure you return from your Trans Siberian trip across Russia safely and in one piece is to gen up on the possible threats and dangers that could befall you on the way, however unlikely. It is for this reason that fully endorses the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's travel advice campaign for British citizens.

The campaign promotes acquiring good knowledge to prepare you for your time abroad. In particular, it promotes the following:

  • Make sure you have a full checkup with your GP at least six weeks prior to arrival in Russia to ensure you are in good health and have discussed with him or her any vaccinations or medications you will need for your trip;

  • Ensure you protect yourself with a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy (covering personal possessions, medical treatment and personal liability);

  • Understand local customs, laws, ways of operating and possible hitches by reading guides such as website and other popular sources of information, e.g. printed guidebooks;

  • Take photocopies of your key documents (passport, visa, invitation, air tickets and so on) in case of loss, and ensure they can be easily accessed by someone at home should you need to;

  • Understand how the British consular staff can help you - and more importantly, what they cannot do for you if you find yourself in trouble.

  • Check the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice on Russia for detailed information before you go.

Don't let this scare you; reading as much as you can is the solution to a happy and safe trip to Russia! Check the FCO website for comprehensive travel advice and helpful checklists.

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